Ink and Oranges Inc.

Ink & Oranges Inc was founded by Will Taylor in Jan 2007.

Will Taylor is a producer & location scout based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been working in the television & commercial photography industry for over 20 years. Starting as a intern in TV production working with such directors as Sam Baer, Julien Temple & Phil Janeau, Will has since held positions as a production assistant, camera assistant, photo assistant, set builder, prop stylist, lighting director, location scout, casting director, production manager, producer, photographer & cinematographer. Through this experience, Will has developed a wide array of abilities, ranging from a deep technical understanding of photography to managing large-scale productions, and understanding how to navigate the interpersonal challenges that come with it.

Will has had a loyal client base throughout his career, largely due to his diligent work ethic and creative background. Graduating from UCLA's Art Dept. in the 90's while it was a hotbed of artist development, his scholastic & practical knowledge of both classical art history & contemporary conceptual work continue to prove helpful to many photographers & creatives. He is capable of managing challenging situations on large sets while maintaining a clear vision of the final objective. He understands the importance of maintaining a personable & positive atmosphere on the set, which promotes an environment that fully supports the creative process.

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True Religion Brand Shoot
Production for:
Photographer: Adrian Gaut
Agency: Mullen
Art Director:Aaron Bouvier
Art producer:Shawn Smith
2 day shoot in LA Area


Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Andric Ljubodrag
Agency: De Cossette Canada
Art Director: Myriam Turenne
Art Buyer: Monique Boisvert
14 day production in California & Nevada

Production for:
Photographer: Adrian Gaut
Agency: Mullen
Art Director: Eric Schroeder
Art Buyer: Kate Shoults
4 day shoot in LA Area

KIA K900
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Igor Panitz
Agency: David & Goliath
Design Dirstor: Andrea Schindler
Art Producer: Andrea Mariash
16 day Production In Southern California


BMW M3 & M4
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: C Quadrat ( Christoph Adler & Christopher Thomas)
Agency ServicePlan
Creative: jan Grothklags
Client: Katja Frings
10 day shooting schedule in Arizona, Nevada & California

United Airlines Campaign
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Troy House
Agency: McGarry Bowen
Art Director: Joel Rodriguez
Art Buyer: Travis Kinsella
14 day production in Houston TX & Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Kia Soul
JUNE 2013
Production for:
Photographer: Simon Puschmann
Agency: David & Goliath
Design Director: Andrea Schindler
Art Producer: Andrea Mariash
16 day shoot Pomona, CA

BMW 2 Series Coupe
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Emir Haveric
Agency: Interone & Service Plan
Creative: Sebastien Stabaneau
Client: Katja Frings

22 Day Shoot in In Southern California

One Show Silver Pencil Award
MAY 2013
Emir Haveric's Web Commerical for VW Golf wins the Silver Pencil from the One Show Club. Check it our here:

Mini Cooper Campaign
MAR - APRIL 2013
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Igor Pantiz
Agency:Plantage Germany & BSSP S.F.
Creative: Sandra Mithofer & Steve Mapp
Client: Anita Skokic
13 Day Shoot in LA Area

BMW Connected Drive Campaign
MARCH 2013
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Emir Haveric
Agency: J Walter Thompson Paris
Creative: Olvier Courtemanche
Client: Katja Frings
12 Day Shoot in los Angeles, San Francisco & New York

BMW 5 Series
FEB - MAR 2013
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Emir Haveric
Agency: ServicePlan
Creative: Olaf Scheer
Client: Florian Metz
23 Day Shoot IN Los Angeles & Santa Barbara

JAN 2013
Production & Scouting for:
Photographer: Igor Panitz from Germany
Agency: David & Goliath Los Angeles
Design Director: Andrea Schindler
Art Buyer: Andrea Mariash
14 day production in LA Area

Kia Manufacturing Plant
FEB 2013
Production for:
Photographer: Simon Puschmann
Agency: David & Goliath LA
Creative: Andrea Schindler
Art Buyer: Ines Soto
4 day production In Georgia Kia Plant

Ended another successful, fun-filled, busy year here at Ink & Oranges. A big thanks to all the people who have been a part of it!

Production for Lexus US with Emir Haveric & Team One. 7 day shoot on location In LA Area

Production & Location Scout for Audi with Oliver Paffrath & Steffan Grutter Photographer team and Phillipp und Keuntje Germany. 7 day shoot in LA & Palm Springs.

Kia Forte
OCT 2012
Production for Kia and David&Goliath with photographer Simon Puschmann. 9 day sin the LA Area

Production & Scouting for For Mercedes new S-Class with Photographer Emir Haveric & Jung vonMatt Germany. 23 day production in LA Area

KIA - Sorento
OCT 2012
Production for Kia & David & Goliath with Igor Panitz. 10 day shoot in the LA Area

KIA Auto Show Brochure
Production for Kia and David & Goliath with photographer Igor Panitz. 9 days in the LA Area.

Location Scout & Production for Pharma Product with McCann Lazur and UK Photographer Douglas Fisher. 3-day shoot In Owens Valley in 112 Heat with 14 Talent.

Ink & Oranges Crew Trip
Ink & Oranges Company Trip - 180 Miles, 6 days on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon Nation Park with the best crew in Los Angeles.

Range Rover
3-day Shoot with Cogent Elliott & Photographer Trigger in the LA Area.

VW - New Golf
Print & Motion Project with Photographer/Director Emir Haveric. 19-day Print shoot & 3 day Motion Shoot with Darren Lew DP.

MAY 2012
Location scouting 2 Rural cities to create AT&T Roaming Campaign for Photographer Markku and BBDO.

APR 2012
Producer & Location Scout for Pharma product Neupro with Digitas Health & Kiran Master from the UK.

APR 2012
Prodecer for Volkswagen Performance Print camaign with Deutsch & Alan & Gretchen from the UK.

APR 2012
Production for Launch Campaign for Lexus with Uwe Duttmann.

MAR 2012
Production for Orbit Gum & Five Gum with Energy BBDO with Italian photographers LSD / marco*paolo.

FEB 2012
production for Lexus & Team One with photographer Thomas Strogalski.

FEB 2012
Production & Location Scouting for the new Mercedes City Van Campaign with Surprise Celebrity Endorsment for Lukas Lindeman Rosinski with photographer Emir Haveric

JAN 2012
Production for Campaign of New car for RP@ with Photographer Geof Kern. Los Angeles CA

DEC-JAN 2012
Production & Locations Scouting for RP@ with Photographer Geof Kern in Los Angles. 16 days shooting over 2 months.



VW Jetta location Scout with Jake Mills Prod.
GE Location Scout with Related Production
Mercedes B-class with Igor Panitz
Audi S6 with Simon Puschmann
Mercedes C63 AMG with Emir Haveric
Acura MDX with Igor Panitz
Kia Rio with Simon Puschmann
Mercedes SL with Igor Panitz
Honda Pilot with Doug Fisher
Infinity JX with Thomas Strogalski
Kia Rio with Simon Puschmann
VW CC with Emir Haveric
Restoration Hardware Location Consulation
Lufthansa with Jens Gorlich
Lexus LX with Jeff Ludes
Hilton Honors with Troy House
Mercedes ML AMG Emir Haveric
Acura with Geof Kern
Lincoln MKS with John Higginson

DEC 2010
Location Scout & Produce Campagin for Asics & Vitro Agency in San Diego with Photographer John Huet

TAMPAX - Proctor & Gamble
NOV 2010
Location Scout & Production for Campaign Shoot for Tampax with Leo Burnet Chicago & Photographer, Frank Uyttenhove. 5 day shoot on location & in studio Large Set Build, 60 Talent.

BMW Worldwide campaign for 4 cars with Service Plan & Interone from Germany with Photographer Emir Haveric. 25 days shoot schedule in Northern & Southern California

American Express
Amex Open Plum Card Campaign with Crispin Porter + Bogusky & photographer Michele Asselin. Shot in NY & LA

KIA - Soul with Michele Wie
Kia Soul Campaign with Professional Golfer Michele Wie shot by Doug Fisher in Los Angeles CA

KIA - Optima
July 2010
Kia Optima Brochure with David & Goliath & Igor Panitz 12 day shoot schedule Southern California

New Model Mercedes Launch Campaign for Yung von Mutt with Igor Panitz. 14 day shoot in LA Area

APR 2010
Kia Brochure for David & Goliath with Simon Puschmann. 10 day shoot in LA Area

Range Rover
MAR 2010
Range Rover for Cogent Elliot & Junction Eleven - UK with Photographer John Higginson. 7 day shoot in LA Area

FEB - MAR 2010
Cadillac Campaign for DDB - NY & the lab with photographer John Higginson and Creative Directors Hal Wolverton and Alicia Johnson. 21 day shoot schedule in LA Area.

Amylin - EQW
DEC 2009 - FEB 2010
Pharmecutical Campaign for Palio with Dougals Fisher Photog/Director. CGI elements with Still Photo & Live Action on location with SAG Talent. 17 day shoot schedule Los Angeles Area.

DEC 2009
Production For Philip Morris International & Leo Burnet with Tim Tadder - Los Angeles & Mammoth Lakes

NOV 2009
Location scout for John Offenbach & Hyundai in Los Angeles Area

TD Financial
OCT 2009
Production for TD Visa Canada with photographer Andric.

Toyota Europe
OCT 2009
Location scout for Toyota of Europe with Marc Trautmann

Harley Davidson
OCT 2009
Location Scout Austin & San Antonio

Sept 2009
Location Scout for Purina Pacakaging with Photographer Tim Dolan Los Angeles.

Aug 2009
Location Scout & Production for VW TDI line-up with Photographer Oliver Paffrath Eastern Sierras CA

July-Aug 2009
Location Scout & Production assistance & Lighting Tech for new car launch campaign for Acura & RPA with Photographer John Midgley Los Angeles Area & Ohio

Popular Mechanics
July 2009
Location Scout & Production- Editorial for Popular Mechanics Magazine Photographer Declan Thomas : Feature Article on Fuel Efficient Cars

Website Launch
June 2009
Ink & Oranges Launch New Website

World Gold Council
May 2009
Production for World Gold Council with photographer Visko Hatfield in Las Vegas

May 2009
Location Scout for SAP Image Library produced by Brent Hedgecock with Micheal Mclaughlin photographer. Office environments in L.A.

VW Interactive
May 2009
Production VW Interactive with Crispin Porter + Bugusky with Oliver Paffrath Photographer. Southern California.
VW Facebook

VW - Toureg 2010
April 2009
Produce VW Toureg 2010 Lit with Crispin Porter + Bogusky with Bill Cash Photographer. Southern California

Intel Worldwide Campaign
March 2009
Produce Worldwide Campaign for Intel with Venables Bell & Partners in S.F. with Belgian Photographer Frank Uyttenhove. 14 day shoot schedule, 65 Talent,
NY Times Article

Cumberland Furniture
Feb 2009
Location Scout & Produce a landscape campaign for Cumberland Furniture. Photographer: Mark King; Southern California Deserts
See Images Here

BMW -Europe
Feb 2009
Locations scout for Jake Mills Productions BMW 3 series Europe with Mark Trautman. Southern California

2010 Chick-Fill-A Calender
Jan 2009
Location Scouting for the 2010 Chck-Fil-A Calender, 2nd year running. For photographer Andric & Producer Loni Weholt at Isle 8 Pictures . All over Southern California scouting sand dunes, beaches, backlots & water tanks.

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Ink and Oranges Inc.

William Taylor
2423 East Glenoaks Blvd
Glendale CA 91206 USA

T/F: 818.409.8982
CELL: 213.712.0700


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